Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Made in China" could go far?

For some time, the British "Sunday Mail" on the Apple iPod generation of factory workers in Foxconn reports of ill-treatment and moral uproar. Whether such "employees usually live in dormitories to accommodate 100 people, working 15 hours or more per day, only 50 U.S. dollars per month wages," the report whether there are in fact different, but once again the story of "Made in China" faces cruel reality to front. Stylish, expensive iPod even with low income, poor living conditions of women together.

In fact, long ago, for others to do the wedding dress was "Made in China" on account of low added value, energy consumption, pollution of the environment has been questioned. Even so, high value-added components imported from abroad but assembled in China's model, from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan Province of China enterprises is still the main force (about 60%, mainland enterprises accounted for only 40%). In most cases, people who can earn only modest processing fees, assembly fees or wages.

National innovation in China by the "Made in China" to "Created in China" when the figures from the intellectual property rights are still people feel ashamed. June 27, the State Intellectual Property Office announced that the total patent applications in China break 3 million, which many consider the "Chinese Patent career as a milestone," but many people do not notice, the additional 1 million patents, only 53.1% is for domestic enterprises, in which the utility model and design patent applications accounted for 62.8% on the ratio of invention patent ratio is very low. The body of a French family data also show that the Chinese invention patents registered abroad, 48% is controlled by foreign companies.

The people can only earn a meager cost of coverage has long been old news, and our neighboring countries that have lower cost, "China" challenge also is not news. Since China can rely on low-cost countries to attract investment, then they will find lower-cost countries. "Made in China" increasing the difficulty.

The world has known for many innovative small country. For example, living in the area caught between the conflict in Israel, high-tech product export enterprises have accounted for 46% of national exports. I interviewed a few years ago the Israeli Chief Scientist responsible for technical innovation office, the office responsible for screening new ventures to provide financial support, but will require companies to achieve independence in 2 years profit. Other hand, certain sectors of China's Science and Technology Fund to provide some points been all kinds of people food, business innovation and profitability, it is not that they consider providing support for the dominant factor.

In this case, when we are concerned about "Made in China" can go far, we have to consider our ability to innovate, innovative spirit and mechanisms are in place. Otherwise, the "Made in China" challenges will be more complex.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

iScala 2.2 Introduction iScala pharmaceutical module


Are in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries company has efficient management of the company is facing the pressure of daily business, at the same time meet the strategic requirements of the changing regulatory requirements, competition and international challenges.

Customer demand and legislative requirements on safety and quality never been so high, and pharmaceutical and chemical industry managers also need to reduce operating costs, improve customer satisfaction and fulfillment.

Select integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software will be able to minimize the duplication of data entry and proofreading work, and simplify system integration. So you can have in one place all the sales data, production information, purchase records and quality records. Scala Business Solutions has developed for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries customized business management system, which is the pharmaceutical industry user group cooperation Scala completed. iScala pharmaceutical business management module standard based iScala process (see the Introduction iScala 2.2), also increased the pharmaceutical and chemical industry users of quality control, batch tracking, backtracking process, position management, security and audit trail area function.

Improve the quality of management will not only ensure that you meet the industry regulations, but also to extend the customer life cycle, thereby simplifying operating procedures to better meet customer requirements, reduce returns and claims processing costs and improve profitability.

Automatic, fast and secure batch management capabilities will be able to easily and reliably track and back lots, from the shipping / out of library and production began until the ratio of raw materials and components suppliers, and vice versa.

Management support positions, the best use of your warehouse and storage facilities to ensure that controlled goods, frozen goods, or in need of security, so you have complete control of the goods and save the state of preservation to

As the industry authorities to strengthen control, data security requirements of the improvements and audit trail and electronic records of the industry players to strengthen Tuidong Xunqiushige Xingye requirements of ERP systems and new software systems 鐢熶骇

These industries ERP and production management systems and iScala financial management, logistics management, manufacturing and customer relationship management products to achieve the integration, iScala pharmaceutical pharmaceutical and chemical company module is the ideal choice, it supports a large number of integrated management, with greater security and control, lower total cost of ownership, as well as reliable and fast system implementation methods to meet local requirements and global coverage, thus speeding return on investment.

In addition, Scala supports wide range of integrated products a variety of pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise requirements, such as project management and service management (including the enterprise's own production facilities), and with other third-party systems or tools Internet.
making global simple business

While most pharmaceutical and chemical industries and other sectors of business processes in sales, distribution and production is not different, but there are some unique features require special treatment. iScala 2.2 standard business management support to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, some features are:

Expansion of inventory material master file in support of alphanumeric coding, multi-product groups, positions, and batch conditions, unit conversions, user-defined fields and databases, such as price list.

Flexible multi-component processing, with version management and comprehensive material handling and tracking capability

Support multi-warehouse, storage areas and storage locations and the independent accounting settings, storage tanks, and other inter-switch

Support materials were made to set the stock material way, according to FIFO, LIFO, position or FEFO (first expired first out) and provide for materials

Flexible inventory, including the cycle inventory, the number of lists, version management and flexible arrangement

Advanced pricing and discount capabilities, packet order discounts and multi-currency price list

Numerous internal and external reporting and query capabilities

System security and user permission settings to meet the industry's need for records management and system changes

In addition to supporting a variety of standard iScala business management functions, our products offer more features three main areas - quality management, position management and batch management.

Quality Management

Ensure high-quality raw materials and finished products is not only the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry is the industry and the business requirements. By controlling the reception of goods, transfer lock to improve the quality of library and batch management, it can meet the particular business needs.

Customer quality requirements and quality of custom types, state management and security features batch

Supplier and customer management, to allow or restrict specific material or material group number and duration of transactions and control

Management of controlled goods, unless special approval, there is limited material on the mark, limit their customers and suppliers with the transaction

The quality of state management can limit the quality control department did not release material or batch access to or use of, or restrict its production lines to clients

By the quality of the state, the due date or time of delivery automatically limit flow or production of goods entering

Quality documents, such as the quality of the goods labeling and quality control management change document

Management positions

In order to maximize the use of storage space, the effective turnover rate according to storage of goods, and handling of controlled goods demand, iScala position management provides the following features.

Position conditions to support stocks, warehouses, storage areas, priority, capacity, and flexible user defined type

Safety to receive goods from suppliers, customers and production output of goods return

According to the goods available, automatically assigned positions for the position location.

Inventory of materials required by the position and moved between the warehouse and the recommendations of the designated positions automatically
making global simple business
Batch Management

The need for batch management, as well as track and back of the convenience, reliability, automatic processing of the pharmaceutical industry, business customers, the investment management system to implement the most important reason. iScala flexible batch setting function is to adapt the request specially designed.

Use of materials, product groups, suppliers and other batches of the template to define a flexible batch number counter, batch date the amount of compensation, such as the production, receipt, expired, the best use of and the delivery date, and the effect of date (Composition or raw materials, the drug), and customer custom fields

Batch safety, ingredients, batch number and lot conditions appropriate level of security the user will be automatically assigned to received batches, to allow or restrict change - Automatic link with quality management

Change management, batch or part batch of any changes such as date, status, quality of code, location, systems are logged user ID, Riqi and time stamp, so easy to track

Module user access capabilities and security, all procedures are subject to password protect batch fields

Batch tracking and backtracking capabilities apply to the whole system, from raw material suppliers to the final product to customers and product returns, to support all levels of bank transfer receipt and any number of times

The batch materials and assessments, according to the different materials mentioned rules, automatic or manual for the processing of customer orders designated single or batch, such as by position, FEFO (first expired first out) automatically checks the quality of the state and the due date in order to ensure delivery and the use of high quality and effective cargo

According to the principle of first in first out due delivery help to maximize the use of stock kept and extended storage of expired goods to minimize scrap costs due to

iScala 2.2 is the most global ERP system, full support for the standard system implementation method - Signature, so fast, transparent deployment of the system. Scala 5.1, Scala Pharma 5.1 and iScala 2.1 customers can migrate multiple migration tools to upgrade to take advantage of iScala management potential.

A detailed description of functions listed above, please see the separate logistics, manufacturing, services, projects, finance and the Internet and Introduction.

For more information, please contact Scala local office or visit / iscala.



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Monday, October 11, 2010

Emacs is a belief! Introduced the world's most powerful editor

Editor's note: This is how the world's most powerful kind of strong law? One said: Emacs is a "faith." Another said: the world's programmers are three points

, A way to use Emacs, a way to use vim, the remaining is the other. (Completely ignoring the existence of the other editors ... ...)

To look at this was regarded as a religion, can coffee is what the editor looks like.

1, Emacs history

The initial version of the Emacs process is RichardStallman written in 1975 (age were greater than the number of readers it:)). After its derivative version

The numerous. Currently the two most frequently used version is RichardStallman developed in 1984 a version - GNUEmacs and 1991 by

JamieZawinski written XEmacs.

You will see him referred to dizziness.

E. M. A. C. S.

Emacs Makes A Computer Slow
Escape Meta Alt Control Shift
Emacs Makers Are Crazy Sickos
Emacs Makes All Computing Simple
Emacs Makefiles Annihilate C-Shells
Emacs Manuals Always Cause Senility
Emacs May Allow Customized Screwups
Emacs Manuals Are Cryptic and Surreal
Eventually Munches All Computer Storage
Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping
Elsewhere Maybe All Commands are Simple
Excellent Manuals Are Clearly Suppressed
Emacs May Alienate Clients and Supporters
Except by Middle Aged Computer Scientists
Extended Macros Are Considered Superfluous
Every Mode Accelerates Creation of Software
Each Manual''s Audience is Completely Stupefied
Exceptionally Mediocre Algorithm for Computer Scientists
Easily Maintained with the Assistance of Chemical Solutions
Eradication of Memory Accomplished with Complete Simplicity
(PConline Note: Please forgive no translation. Speak the translation more difficult, and many things were completely lost in the translation of the original flavor

Dao. )

Media Partners For reprint, please contact the author on their own, get permission.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1 million for the lessons do not come!

Speaking of things that early last year, the task of our factory is very busy.

A friend called his product too late to production we give a hand and a machine can produce two days. We promised down. But things happen so coincidentally, the production strikes a few hours after the machine, I put together with the mechanic machine apart and found a plane bearing bad. Changzhou immediately rushed to buy.

To my old customers and buy a plant on the back and spent more than two small fashion good a machine. I work clothes off, wash players to accompany a friend to drink tea. Chatted for a second 30 minutes before, workers ran for another bad. I was angry to die, I blame the workers back to a few. Workers unhappy face, talk back that I bought was junk goods. I went to check, a look startled. Became the arch-type plane bearing the. Fortunately, no damage to other components. I hastily went to Changzhou. Once there, I and distributors theory, but his look of disdain. Said: "you earned a few dollars on something, what is remarkable."

I have gas, he's a friend for many years but I ah! How would say so. He had made the tools and accessories, but never so bad ah. No matter how I say that he is not willing to refund and replacement. He said something should not say. I do not say. Finally, I leave a relentless: "You do not get things done with no way out. Sooner or later you will regret it."

I can not shop on the other bought and rushed back to the factory. But such a delay is that most of the day passed. My friend was too late delivery of products, this product in other machine tools can not produce. Then I called a friend to talk. He listened very angry. Because he is my business tool to help introduce the dealer. We do not do with other friends that the joint dealer business. Every time I buy a tool in his shop before the time passing by.

So six months down the dealers a bit embarrassing. [Because of such things in our peers spread quickly. I am not a person does not do his business up.] He took the initiative to say hello to me. I'll muddle through.

Finally, he invited me to the store I sincerely apologized tunnel, I began to re-do some business with him. But now the ratio of on to die, 70% of the tools I used to be his. Now 10% of it! I went to the dealer other than it is now much better, because there are more goods, like how bargaining on how sample.

Dealer's loss I get from the other side, is said to have done little more than 200,000. Yeah you are worth the dealer! I do not have rights protection, but this case was even more severe than the 315 complaints to a hundred times.

Summarize a few points;

1. Do not just expected a dealer, to many other places to talk.

2. Found deceived must argue, it is not, can take other approaches.

3. To 315 to complain, to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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Thunder push download genuine risk of transfer of copyright infringement

March 21 news yesterday, the Chinese application software and download engine Thunder network teamed Kyushu Monternet, Herald, goodness, network interconnection and other Chinese mainstream Internet music content providers, and thus proclaimed the legitimate content of the Internet and digital distribution channel operations formal integration.

"This joint, not only marked the parties in Cyberspace viable new model of cooperation, but also from the realization of the true sense of multi-win-win cooperation to promote the sound development of the industry." Thunderbolt official said this. Yet those were of the view that Thunder would not only be able to mitigate and Internet content providers in the competition, and they can transfer the risk of the video's sense of copyright infringement.

It is understood that Thunder had invested heavily in 2007 to cooperate with the purchase of copyrighted content, in April 2007, Thunder held at the Great Hall of the copyright claim activity to support the genuine, legitimate video content to promote the development of the Internet.

But in February of this year, the U.S. subsidiary of the Motion Picture Association of six film production companies will be Thunder to court, the Motion Picture Association has said six American films in Shanghai has filed a civil suit alleged violations of their Thunder copyright, and claims 7 million yuan, while openly admitted piracy is still the case now before the Court of Shanghai Pudong New Area, the first trial results will be sentenced today.

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Star mass to "accreditation" may be interesting graffiti beef spoof

Step one: run a cattle images, click on "open a picture" button, to open a wall of photographs, as shown in Figure 02.

Figure 02 use of cattle to open a picture image

Step two: Click on upper right corner of the main interface of bovine image of "graffiti" button brings up to cattle, "graffiti" panel, as shown in Figure 03. Because it is a new feature, so we can start to learn what a cow images graffiti tools. In Figure 03, we see that in the "graffiti" panel in there, "drawing a line" "line drawing" "painting party", "Emulating" "draw arrow" five kinds of graffiti tools, were used to draw the free curve, straight line, rectangle, circle and arrow.

Figure 03 cattle images can "graffiti" tool

Step Three: Here we started the "graffiti" writing. First select the "line drawing" tool, and will be adjusted to 6 pixels thick brush, brush the color adjustment is white, then in the screen writing "accreditation" word, and finally add a phone number easily fill in the results as shown in Figure 04 ( just hold down the left mouse button, then drag the mouse on screen graffiti in a).

Figure 04 text for the image to add graffiti

Step Four: If you love enough to graffiti, then the screen can also add some small animals, little people and the like. In short, my picture I call the shots, thinking about how to draw on how to paint. As shown in Figure 05, is the author of "Emulating" and "painting party" and other tools to draw characters and animals.

Figure 05 Draw figures in the picture on the effect after

Step five: implementation of the "scene 鈫?real ones" command, select the scene in Figure 06, to produce the collective star to "accreditation" effect.

Figure 06 Application of "real ones," Scene

Scenarios, the final results shown in Figure 07.

The net effect of Figure Figure 07


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Happiness CD-R M4P Midi to AC3 Manager

Happiness CD-R M4P Midi to AC3 Manager supports remote free CDDB. Don't take our word for it,see for yourself. Happiness CD-R M4P Midi to AC3 Manager helps you convert digital audio tracks directly from compact discs to MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV files. Easy-to-use design.60. It is very easy to use. It can Convert WAV files to MP3, CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM. It makes direct digital copies from audio CDs and saves them as MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, or WAVs. It have fast speed. It can Convert WAV files to WMA. Just click on one button a CDs will be extracted.

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